Our Female Standard Poodle:

Marubi’s Claire de Lune (Claire), is a stunning, balanced, black Standard Poodle whose parents were both Grand Champions. By eight months, Claire was the number four Standard Poodle in Canada. She was a Best Puppy in Show, and also Canadian Champion. Claire recently won her first title in Agility, and a Canine Good Neighbour title rounds out her accomplishments so far. Claire epitomizes the word “elan”: energy, style, and enthusiasm.

We waited through three puppies before we found one that passed our rigourus health testing (yes, we have a pack of poodles at home, and we love them all:)Before we started health testing the beautiful Claire in order to make sure she was an excellent choice for breeding, I realized that except for vaccinations, I hadn’t seen the vet for over a year.  She’s a strong girl! Her health testing on the OFA (Marubi’s Claire de Lune) health site is all Good, or Normal.