Lyra Joins Our Breeding Program

UPDATE: We just couldn’t part with this beautiful dog, she is no longer looking for a foster, because we thought…”what’s one more poodle?”. Lyra has joined our pack, and our breeding program.

It was a tough choice with so many beautiful puppies in this litter, but we finally chose to keep Lyra back as a part of our breeding program, however we already have a FULL HOUSE of poodles ( as you can imagine).

Lovely Lyra is looking for the perfect foster to own home. She will be a show puppy and part of our breeding program. Please contact us if you would like details.



Purebread Standard Poodle Puppy Cream 2019 available

Our 2019 Spring litter of beautiful Standard Poodle puppies in black and cream has arrived.

First morning check on 5 day old puppies and we see they have had a big night at the dairy bar. Only little Kiri our black female is still drinking! You go Kiri!
All the puppies are weighing in at well over a pound! Dainty Renée is the lightest at 1lb 3oz, Jussi our only boy is the biggest at 1lb 6oz. A lovely even litter.


Elan Poodles Standard Poodle Puppies in cream and black available Spring 2019

If you are interested in one of these puppies, please click here to find out more about our puppy contract, and this spring 2019 litter.


Rudi’s second high in event

Judge Lisa Day’s courses were clear and easy to follow at the Kingston and District Kennel Club Show in June. She did change a sign from continue to Halt for the second trial. I practised the halt, but blew right past it when we competed. MINUS 10 POINTS!

As she congratulated Rudi she whispered, you are a 100 dog. Your owner is  just a 90.

Rudi the cream coloured standard poodle getting his championship