• Life with Standard Poodles

    Sapphire -owned by Terri Hotchkiss- retrieving a duck. Poodles make great hunting companions and rescue dogs.

Life with Standard Poodles

I am a natural couch potato who would rather read than go to the gym; my Standard Poodles are my own personal trainers.  Poodles are incredibly cheerful companions with an exuberance that makes getting out there and being active a delight. Walk with a Frisbee and enjoy!

Extending the walk to Obedience, Tracking, and Agility, are a step that the Standard Poodle can make with great joy.

We also enjoy the natural protective instinct that poodles offer. Cars do not arrive unannounced. No stranger comes into our house in the country uninvited.

The fact that there’s no dog hair in the fridge or in the bed, is an added bonus.

Exercise and Training

Our poodles are home dogs; we walk with frisbees, with friends and their dogs, and on the weekends go out to play Agility and visit. Poodles are social dogs who want to be with their people. After their morning walk, they are able to wait quietly at home until you are able to come home and enjoy them. They are smart and active enough that training is also an important part of making them a good companion. A puppy needs to learn by your teaching. He needs enough exercise to make him a settled companion for when you want to go to work, watch a movie, or work on your memoirs.

Care and Grooming

This is the fun part! Hair all over is fine. Shaved all over is fine. Just choose the look you like. A clipped poodle with no full topknot, ears, or tail, is in a “kennel clip”. They look like a different breed altogether. They have the same brains and personality whatever the hairstyle. Just remember, thelonger the coat, the more brushing they will need.

Poodles have hair, not fur, and that is what makes them unique. That’s why they don’t shed. Like us, they do lose hair. But when they lose a hair it stays in their coat in those lovely poodle curls.

Brushing is important to keep the hair from matting. Depending on the cut you choose they may need brushing once or twice a week, more often for longer cuts.Making brushing time pleasant for both of you is very important. If you wait until the hair is matted you will make the experience uncomfortable for you and your dog. You should be able to brush then comb without distress. If you find the comb is hard to use you should brush more thoroughly, or more often.
If you give your dog treats during grooming time, and lots of cuddles, they will love to be brushed. (Remember to treat yourself too.)

Choose a look you like, and that you have time for. Your personal choice, and the activities you like to do with your poodle also help you decide what style you want to go with.

Your local breed club will probably have grooming workshops if you want to groom your poodle. Finding a groomer you like is another possible choice.