The Standard Poodle Puppies at a week old are adorable! Fat and Happy!

What an amazing first week it’s been. The “Wee Scamp”  the puppy we waited for 5 hours for at the end of the litter,  has filled out with determination and is now as big as his sister.  He may never catch up to Wally (the Walrus!), who was puppy number 3.  Claire is an amazing Momma, keeping the babies warm, clean and VERY well fed!

Stay tuned for eye opening celebrations which we expect any day now!!

Three week old Standard Poodle puppies. 2 Cream boys one black girl snuggled together.

Scamp is as big as the others.

Biggest Standard poodle puppy is sleeping on his own.

Wally is so big now he doesn’t need to snuggle.


Black Standard Poodle Mother Claire. Feeding her puppies their second breakfast.  One by one they drop off.

Claire with all of the puppies at second breakfast. They eat like hobbits.

Our New Standard Poodle Puppies are Here!

Our first litter of cute and roly-poly standard poodles arrived on April 1st 2015…and the trick? Three gorgeous cream male puppies (and one little black female) are what came out of our beautiful black Claire, and her gorgeous blue baby-daddy Kingsley.