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4 Weeks is so Exciting!

Puppy socializing is hard work. Socializing continues. Many visitors are coming to give back massages. Rub downs and cuddles. Paper Training is progressing at an astonishing rate. At 4 and a half weeks they sometimes miss, but they are gaining accuracy.

Puppy Socialization Begins

We had two delightful boys over to cuddle the puppies. Their parents came along too.  I explained the importance of their job. The puppies need to enjoy the experience and not be frightened.  They took their job very seriously. Everyone enjoyed the experience absolutely. The next cuddlers come this afternoon. More pics to follow, check […]

Little Scamp was worth the wait.

Precious wee Scamp. It took him 5 hours after big brother Wally was born for Scamp to make up his mind, but he emerged very lively and eager to grow. He was the tiny one, but he soon caught up to his brother Laraby and sister Irena.