Standard Poodle Looking For A Home

Raffi Is Looking for the Perfect Home

Raffi is a Purebred pedigreed Standard Poodle, 11 1/2 mos old, in perfect health and has recently been neutered.
He loves people, especially men.

His favourite thing is to be petted or to play fetch. He learns things quickly.
Raffi has great recall. He has been working on his leash walking skills and can now pass other dogs well on leash. Squirrels are still a challenge, they are a work in progress.
He is also a terrific watch dog, alerting clearly and firmly but calming quickly when there is no threat.

He would be a great only dog, or a dog living with mature females.
A country home would be terrific for him, but he is doing well as a town dog and is well behaved in the house and yard.

Contact : Rosemary Euringer 613-542-2339

Standard Poodle Looking For A Home